I make wooden boxes and other small scale wooden pieces in my workshop near Glyndebourne, East Sussex. I use mainly
indigenous hardwoods and other sustainably resourced timber. All my boxes feature decorative joints such as dovetails,
finger joints or splined mitres.

Using darker and lighter woods together creates contrast. My jewellery boxes feature removable inner trays which can
be adapted to store different types of jewellery.

Often my boxes are bought as presents, they can also be personalised by incorporating carved or inlaid monograms or
lettering. Some have been used as christening or memory boxes.

One feature of my work is the use of "pin hinges" or wooden hinges which I prefer to metal although high quality
quadrant hinges can also be used.
Locks can also be fitted. As these boxes are built to last I guarantee them for life (mine that is) against defects of
manufacture. The only maintenance that should be required is occasional polishing with beeswax.
If you have a special requirement or an idea for a box for a gift then please get in touch.

The timbers I use include Sussex Elm,English Oak,Walnut,Sycamore ,Maple ,Mahogany and various reclaimed woods.
I also use small amounts of exotic timbers and rare burrs and veneers.

I trained at Wimbledon and Brighton Colleges of Art and have worked as a college technician before becoming a
cabinetmaker in East London. For several years I made one-off boardroom tables and cabinets for city firms.
Later I moved to Sussex and worked for local firms before setting up my

01273 479253